2024 Training Plans

Mid/Late Base (Sharpening Speed and Endurance)

This is an 8 week course designed to be a progression from an existing programme or progression from early base training.  Its objective is to increase your aerobic engine (Vo2Max) and build power and capacity so that you can begin to train for event-like conditions

There are two options for support.

If you plan to coach youself

The training plan includes :

  1. Workouts: Intervals, Sweetspot, Vo2Max
    12 Week (10 to 15 hours/week)
  2. Heart Rate/Power* Based
  3. TrainingPeaks Basic Account 
  4. Option to extend to additional training blocks

*(available with smart trainer/power meter)

If you would like coaching:

I use world leading TrainingPeaks and Data Analysis platforms to create and monitor your training and progress in terms of you own power distribution curve, aerobic capacity, fatigue resistance, anaerobic threshold power, pedal stroke analysis, etc  

I will create for you an Annual Training Plan, divided into Mesocycles, with Training Blocks tailored monthly to your goals, based on current strengths and limiters  

Access to me is via Zoom, Teams, FaceTime or WhatsApp 

What you get for the extra £50 per month (a £149 one-off):

  1. Goal Planning
  2. Baseline Tests and 2 x Limiter Assessments
  3. Mesocycle-based Workouts
  4. Strength and Conditioning Sessions 
    Performance Management
  5. TrainingPeaks Premium Edition
  6. Progress tracked by Power and Vo2Max 
  7. Technology Advice (Apps, Equipment, etc)
  8. Individualised Annual Training Plan
  9.  Workout Reviews and Feedback (WhatsApp)
  10. Options for Yoga and WKO5 Analysis