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Achieve your cycling goals with the ultimate in friendly and approachable coaching.

Pedalling performance since 2017

We are the ultimate in friendly and inclusive endurance cycling coaching, focusing on discerning riders who want structure, accountability, camaraderie and challenge. 

We offer personalised coaching, off the shelf training programmes, and expert guidance cater to cyclists from all over the world.  

Expect the perfect fusion of lifestyle balance and high-performance cycling, where your willingness to invest in yourself is the fuel that drives us to achieve goals, no matter how big or small.

As British Cycling certified and TrainingPeaks Level 2 accredited practitioners with a passion for cycling, we are committed to excellence and understand your needs both on and off the bike. We create bespoke annual training plans, custom training blocks, plus strength and conditioning plans that are tailored to your current fitness levels and aspirations, whether that is conquering epic challenges, taking you to the next level of performance or simply preparing for the season ahead.

Your success is our success.   

Embrace the power of personalised training and let us be your ultimate partner in the pursuit of cycling performance.


Welcome to a world of focus and precision, designed exclusively for cycling enthusiasts like you. 

What I provide to clients willing to commit to improving their fitness is my focus, passion, empathy and experience, employing cutting-edge technology that will deliver results.

If you are prepared to invest in yourself, I will dedicate myself to providing you a highly individual and personalised service.  

My commitment to excellence and the results of such is reflected in the positive feedback from valued clients (see below).


My coaching, personalised advice, and expert guidance cater to enthusiasts worldwide, and encompasses:.

  1. Cycling based workouts that develop endurance and performance
  2. Strength and conditioning for power and resilience
  3. Bespoke preparation for a specific event, race or personal challenge 
  4. Heart rate variability (HRV) considerations for training readiness
  5. Pre and post ride yoga (via to build mobility, flexibility, recovery and strength 
  6. Guidance on everything from buying a road bike, training Apps, equipment and kit
  7. Advice on cycling techniques, avoiding common injuries, etc  
  8. Nutrition and hydration (disclaimer : I am not a qualified nutritionist, but I know what works and what doesn't)
  9. The occasional tour guiding in the UK, France and Mallorca 
  10. Lastly.... advice and guidance for riders undertaking corporate cycling events      
Whether you're a leisure cyclist exploring the joys of the road or an ambitious criterium racer aiming for greatness, I am with you every step of the way. 

I work to understand your work/life commitments and priorities, crafting bespoke plans towards your aspirations, helping you conquer challenges and fine-tuning every detail of your performance development.

You can also join our growing worldwide community, where passion combines with knowledge.  


Consult :  

Our first task is to baseline your current fitness,  identify your strengths and limiters, capture your short, mid and longer term goals and factor in your work and lifestyle commitments.


From that we will develop a roadmap (an annual training plan) consisting of distinct blocks of training workouts, referred to as mesocycles (usually 4 to 6 weeks long), designed to create a progressive increase in training load that when interjected with recovery periods stimulate physiological adaptions resulting in  improve fitness, resulting in greater endurance, speed, and power, leading to peak performance according to your defined goals which could be an event or a challenge.   


 The training itself is a combination of workouts that can done indoors using a simulator such as Zwift, Rouvy, Fulgaz, etc, or outdoors on your bike using a cycling computer such as a Garmin or Wahoo. Either way, each workout has a specific objective and instructions that you follow whether it is short but high intensity workout (usually weekdays to accommodate work/life commitments) or a long endurance ride (usually at weekends).  

Once completed, the data that has been captured for the workout is uploaded to a central system (TrainingPeaks and WKO5) that I will use to analyse, provide feedback and make changes as needed depending on progress, etc.    

Regular contact is done through messaging systems such as WhatsApp with monthly reviews using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. 

Cycle For Fitness - Paths to Performance

The only prerequisite is that you are prepared to invest in yourself to create a stronger, fitter, faster, unstoppable you.
Individualised Coaching
If you are looking to take your cycling to the next level and achieve more than you thought possible, select from one of our three tiers of service.   To understand the benefits of a coach and the services provided, follow the link below.
Training Programmes (Coach Optional)
Looking to improve your road cycling, and need a guiding hand, but want to remain "self coached"?   No problem.   We offer proven Programmes designed to be followed at your own pace.  These programmes come with the option to obtain  support, advice and guidance from a coach via WhatsApp and email for the duration of your programme (usually 3 months).

UCI World Amateur Road Race Championships in Perth, Scotland

"Who says you are too old to dream? 

Grant Goodman, at Cycle for Fitness helped me, firstly to understand that there is nothing wrong with dreams are your future goals and secondly how to make the dream come true and achieve those goals. In February of this year I was a keen cyclist who was both suprised and fortunate to be the first of his 70+ age group across line in a Gran Fondo, one that qualified him for the UCI World Championships. Would this actually be possible? If I were to enter I would need to ensure I was the best I could be. I needed a coach!

From those very first days in March, Grant guided and supported me through a structured plan that resulted in me fulfilling my dream, as a competitor, representing my country in the UCI World Amateur Road Race Championships in Perth, Scotland. I didn't make the podium but that was never a part of the dream, but I did compete and produced the best ride of my life. 

The progress was beyond my expectations for such a short training period, with most of the important metrics improving by between 20 - 25%.I look forward to further improvements when we begin the path to another dream later this or early next year.

If you are young or old and want to improve your fitness on the bike for racing or epic mount climbs or simply wish to increase your longevity, I recommend you give Grant Goodman a call!

— Phillip,  Abu Dhabi, UAE, September 2023, UCI Masters Worlds Championship Racer   ★★★★★

"I have been training with Grant for over a year now and it’s been a fantastic journey. I could not recommend him enough. He is experienced, knowledgeable, engaging, empathetic and always encourages you to reach for your best. 

I have over-achieved my goals with Grant's guidance and support, increased my power and become the fittest I have ever been.   From his calm and engaging style, great listening skills, and always interesting insights, 

I enjoyed our discussions, and appreciated Grant's willingness to always accommodate whatever comes up and support me to work through it and continue to train.  Highly recommended as a coach, 5 star experience."

— Abud,  Perth Australia, February 2023, State Criterium Racer   ★★★★★

What Clients Say

I always have my clients' satisfaction as top priority. It’s how I roll, and always humbled by the feedback from my clients......
"I started with Grant in October 2020. Was not new to cycling but couldn’t find the magic switch to get better, fitter and faster. I will not say Grant will flower up any training plans, it’s hard work, it’s solid numbers based on factual analysis of your performance against his custom made plans. He delivers results - period. While doing that he has a very calm professional approach to his coaching style and helps you believe that YOU CAN also deliver the results. 100% professional".
Nick, Mallorca, April 2021    ★★★★★
- 6Points Mallorca

"I engaged Grant as a Coach in August '21 when I decided to do the Mallorca 312 .   I can honestly say I've never been better prepared for an ultra race event and I peaked right at the exact right time. I'm so impressed with Grant that I've retained him for the 312 next April and for the Donegal 555 in August 22!! Grant has a very straight-forward and friendly approach to coaching and I can honestly say that if you follow the program he sets then you'll be really well prepared for any event you decide to take on, and indeed will enjoy the level of life-fitness you achieve!!"
Ronan,  Dublin, Feb 2021    ★★★★★
– Mallorca 312
- Donegal 555
Grant's scientific and structured approach, takes into account my age, time available etc, less (meaningless) time on the bike but more (value) work when on it.     I have signed up for more training so I am ready for the Haute Route Alps 2022. I trust his methods and believe the data so look forward to getting into the top half of the group next time around! I highly recommend him "
Charlie,  Oxfordshire, Sep 2021   ★★★★★ 
– Haute Route Alps

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Partners, Affiliates and Accreditations

Our team is certifed to British Cycling coach (Level 1), TrainingPeaks Cycling Endurance Coach (Level 2). 
We partner with Pedal Britain, Yoga15, 6Points Challenges, affiliate for Supersapien and proudly support and volunteer for The Prince's Trust.