Grant Goodman, Head Coach

With a 12-year track record in endurance cycling and certifications from British Cycling and TrainingPeaks, I coach cyclists of all skill levels to elevate their fitness, endurance, and performance. Leveraging my consulting background, I create and tailor training plans  to help individuals meet their objectives. 

Our collaboration starts with a thorough understanding of your current fitness, strengths, and limitations.    Through regular reviews, advice, and skill refinement, I aim to continually enhance your cycling performance and power.


"Went into the unknown looking for a coach to help with my cycling goals and have lucked out. Grant has been patient with me as I have learnt about cycling as a new starter. He is really helpful in learning about what the workouts are trying to achieve, providing detailed feedback and adapting my program as life gets in the way. He has so far got me from a mid D racer on Zwift to winning a C race in the Zwift racing league during lockdown. I would highly recommend."

— Ed, Barley, Hertfordshire, March 2021 ★★★★★
My philosophy is based on personal experiences of what it is like to start cycling in your middle years, dealing with the doubt and fears of how to actually ride a bike safely, what to wear and how to survive the first 90 days without injuring yourself or anyone else; to take on and achieve goals which seemed impossible at the time;  combining that experience with my engineering and consulting background enabling me to harness best practise from world leaders in sports science and data analysis and of course making sure I do it right through coaching certification with British Cycling and TrainingPeaks.    

I use a combination of cutting-edge research, proven techniques, industry leading tools (TrainingPeaks and WKO5) together with my own experiences of riding multi-day endurance events such as LEJOG, Calais/Montpellier, Roscoff/Mont Ventoux, Majorca 312 and London/Paris, to help individuals achieve their goals. 

Expect challenging but achievable training programmes to get you where you want to be. These include workouts that build base endurance, combined with short but high intensity interval sessions to build your fitness capacity, improve resistance to fatigue, develop muscular strength and improve power . 

Body conditioning advice is included, with techniques that ensure you have the correct range of movement and control within the range to ensure that you are able to maintain the right level of flexibility thereby reducing the chance of injury. 

I have worked since 2017 as a volunteer with The Prince's Trust, helping their charity riders prepare for the iconic Ride Across Britain, and am the trusted training partner and tour guide/chaperone for Pedal Britain, the 'fastest' growing provider of supported End to End cycling holidays in the UK and Europe. 

I also work with partners such Abi Carver to offer their yoga sessions into my training plans and offer HRV Ltd's heart rate variation tools to ensure you never do a workout you are not physically prepared to complete and ensure you understand the factors that impact your freshness and readiness to perform. 

Using cutting edge technologies and  to ensure you improve without burnout or injury, I see myself as your enabler to achieve your health, fitness and performance goals.   

Pedalling success since 2017.

Testimonials and Clients


Charlie, Benson, Oxfordshire, October 2021 : Haute Route Alps challenge ★★★★★"

Grant took me on to help me complete the Haute Route Alps 2021 which had been billed as the toughest 7 day amateur stage race ever. I had trained "blind" before and spent hours and hours and hours aimlessly riding around the country prepping for the HR Pyrenees in 2019. This worked and I finished. Grants more scientific and structured approach, taking into account my age, time available etc meant less time on the bike but more intense work when on it. I was hugely sceptical. However the actual event went really well, feeling great all week and actually thinking when I finished that i could have gone harder. I have signed up for more training and some assistance with downhill riding so I am ready for the HR Alps 2022. I trust his methods and believe the data so look forward to getting into the top half of the group next time around! I highly recommend him".

Mike H, Cheshire, July 2021 : Lands End to John O'Groats plus Three Peaks Challenge ★★★★★

"Grant’s approach to training is next level. His dynamic and flexible training programme meant I could really push myself further than I imagined.   Not only a genuine person but a trainer that unlocked the best of my ability! Couldn’t recommend highly enough!!!"

Richard, Seething Wells, Surrey, June 2021 ★★★★★

"Having connected with Grant through the TrainingPeaks platform he has provided a level of personal coaching that belies the off-the-shelf packages offered. He shows genuine insight and interest with none of the pretention or snobbery that often accompanies cycling, particularly when people start taking it a bit more "seriously" (whatever that means) and caring about their training and power numbers. Have not yet had a chance to really put the training to test in my upcoming event, but I've made measurable gains to date and feel confident more are to come under Grant's stewardship."

Steve, Lymm, Cheshire, June 2021 ★★★★★"

I started using Cycle for Fitness 6 months ago after an initial consultation with Grant about a planned Lands End to John O Groats ride. My cycling regime prior to working with Grant was focussed on trying to do more and more miles and in 2020 I clocked up around 5000 miles. I was rather cynical with the initial training plans that Grant set. It was significantly less miles, each week with a new focus on data such as heart rate and cadence. Three months later after seeing results Grant introduced Power and the results have been astounding. Every week I feel that I am learning how to cycle more efficiently, faster and I now enjoy hills rather than fearing them. I feel that Grant is with me on every ride because he is constantly looking at my data and providing significant support. His communication is excellent, very motivating and he always takes the time to explain my many questions. The bottom line of all this is that after 6 months my speed, power and efficiency have all significantly improved. But more importantly at the age of 54, cycling with Grant's support and guidance has tangibly made me fitter and healthier."

Clive, Portishead,  June 2021 ★★★★★"

I am signed up with Grant at Cycle for Fitness and he has been my cycling coach since September 2020 helping me to prepare to cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats over 14 days in August 2021. I had limited cycling experience before then and wanted some professional input to best prepare me for my challenge I am very happy with the service and input provided - professional and knowledgeable, but also delivered with humour and a friendly manner, and I can see and feel the massive improvements in my cycling performance over the last 9 months. The acid test is still to come, but I am confident I shall be rolling out from Lands End in August as well prepared as I could be for the 14 day challenge ahead."

Nick, Mallorca, April 2021 ★★★★★

"Started with Grant in October 2020. Was not new to cycling but couldn’t find the magic switch to get better, fitter and faster. I will not say Grant will flower up any training plans, it’s hard work, it’s solid numbers based on factual analysis of your performance against his custom made plans. He delivers results - period. While doing that he has a very calm professional approach to his coaching style and helps you believe that YOU CAN also deliver the results. 100% professional."

Ed, Barley, Hertfordshire, March 2021 ★★★★★"

Went into the unknown looking for a coach to help with my cycling goals and have lucked out. Grant has been patient with me as I have learnt about cycling as a new starter. He is really helpful in learning about what the workouts are trying to achieve, providing detailed feedback and adapting my program as life gets in the way. He has so far got me from a mid D racer on Zwift to winning a C race in the Zwift racing league during lockdown. I would highly recommend."

Gareth, Alton, Hampshire, February 2021 ★★★★★

Great results so far... I started with one of Grant's intro offers for the over 50's on Training Peaks. I was just bouncing my way around Zwift and wanted some structure. Grant's plan was an eye-opener to benefits of structure and variety and the important recovery sessions which I needed as I was overtraining (then losing motivation). The plan introduced me to Training Peaks, Sufferfest and their Yoga programmes.. other features on Zwift and some key cycling stretch/conditioning work. So... so far, Fitness up, flexibility up, and weight and bodyfat down. I even managed to start this plan late November, and apart from an expected blip over Christmas, I have now set a 2-day MTB trail ride as a Target to train for over the next 12 weeks. Grant is very responsive and encouraging and willing to work around constraints while avoiding any long-term compromise. Thoroughly recommend Grant's services if you want to put some focus into your training and certainly if you enjoy seeing the various data feeds which show your improvements... which will come!

 Phil W, Stoke Pogues, November 2020 ★★★★★

"I’m not a big review kind of guy, but once in a while there’s a compelling case. Grant runs cycle for fitness with a clear passion for what he does, backed with a deep knowledge of what it takes and how to apply it. My experience over the last 12 weeks has shown me the value in his services (and I emphasise value) as the gains I’ve made from a cycling fitness perspective are impressive for an ageing enthusiast! But more than that, it’s the way Grant runs things; organising / helping with tech, encouraging and responding at every turn, giving useful context to the stream of information and data and understanding the ebb and flow of life! I’d thoroughly recommend Grant to anyone of pretty much any level - if they want to both improve their cycling fitness and enjoy the process too. In fact, I already have to a close friend. Thanks Grant and I plan to be back again with another target!" 

John R, Oxfordshire, England ★★★★★

"I believe I am a fit 57 year old, having done some form of exercise two or three times a week throughout my adult life. Last year I was invited to two Army fund raising events back to back.  . A total of 410 miles in the week on some challenging routes with some very athletic and competitive (ex-Army) friends. . 

I needed to get a lot fitter in only 10 weeks, I need help! I have known Grant for many years, but t was not familiarity that convinced me to use Grant, it was his cycling experience, qualifications and, I dare say, his age. (When listening to an explanation on the nuances of training after 50, it is reassuring to know this is based on experience as well as theory). Following an in depth and honest consultation focusing on my goals, time constraints in my week, likes and dislikes when training and a cycle fitness test, Grant produced a comprehensive and bespoke plan. Using the Training Peaks App, the plan was simple to follow and flexible, if something unexpected came up at work or home, I could tweak the weekly plan. It was a tremendous help to have Grant's feedback on my performance based on the Training Peaks App and for him to hear my views and queries on my progress. 

Often during training I would really push myself, because Grant ‘was watching’; so like having a coach out there with you! Grant’s training reviews, by and large, arrived on my phone before I’d got out of the shower, so always fresh and relevant. When I had finished my training and in fairness to Grant I hadn’t given him or me much time, I was unsure as to how I would fair during my week of cycling. My reservations were completely baseless, as I tackled each day feeling strong from beginning to end. I sailed up the ascents, often in front, and was able to recover quickly for the next hill. Thanks to Grant’s fitness coaching the week was exhilarating and a great success. where I was able to really apply myself, be competitive but also stay strong and enjoy the scenery of France and the camaraderie of my friends" 

Trevor D, Oxfordshire, England ★★★★★

" Grant prepared me for a 1 day 205km ride from Leicester to London in 2018. I had an ok bike and an amount of bravado but Grant helped me to prepare properly. As the ride was in March, with Grant’s advice I bought a Turbo to ride indoors through the winter and all the electronics to analyse my riding ability and fitness. Grant has great experience and patience and developed a programme for me to improve my fitness and technique, including rides we did together. He really knows his stuff and I had a great sponsored ride, surprising myself with my ability to go the distance (with the help of loads of pasta, bananas and sponge pudding and custard!). I would recommend Grant to anyone wanting a sympathetic yet challenging cycling trainer""

 Sarah S, Oxfordshire England ★★★★★

This program is ideal for people like me who would like to cycle more but don't know how to get into it. I bought my bike last year but hardly used it, having the coach encourage and guide you makes the process so much easier. 3 rides a week is just about right to get you into the swing of things and the coach is there all the way to encourage you and answer all the little questions you're afraid to ask. The team are so friendly and enthusiastic about cycling, you can't help but catch the bug. The bonus is you get fit too!”

Alexander R, Plymouth, England ★★★★★

" Grant's passion for cycling and his knowledge and ability to impart it are very inspiring . I have had the pleasure of accompanying Grant on a few long rides now. Some of them around the 100 mile mark. 4 years ago I was 3 stone overweight, depressed and feeling very low about myself. This year I cycled 1500KM in 15 days incorporating 5 of the hardest climbs on the Tour De France calender! One of the descents off of Mont Ventoux was with Grant. It was a highlight of the trip.   I can highly recommend Cycle For Fitness!"

Claire, Hampshire ★★★★★

“I was fortunate enough to have a 1-2-1 training ride with Grant prior to a large road event. His expertise and knowledge on how to ride efficiently was second to none. I learned how to change gear properly (at last!) and how to attack hills with maximum energy. This really did make a world of difference to the ride and all of his techniques and tips made for a much smoother, easier and (I'm pleased to say!) faster ride. Thanks Grant!”


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