2024 Training Plans

LEJOG - Go The Distance

Cycling is an aerobic sport and hence the need for aerobic fitness is crucial for success. This twelve week course is designed to recruit muscles and physiological adaptations, improving your aerobic endurance, stamina and plus speed skills to improve your cycling efficiency.

  • An initial consultation to discuss goals, concerns, equipment and technical bits (see below).
  • Baseline test and key limiter assessment.
  • Smartphone App Workout Scheduler (TrainingPeaks) linked to the Coach and sync'd to your cycling computer, indoor training such as Zwift or Wattbike.
  • Midweek Workouts to build the depth of your fitness, helping you cope with long days in the saddle
  • Session that improve your efficiency and effectivness on the bike, building speed and technique.
  • Weekend rides to build endurance and resistance to fatigue . 
  • Scheduled Recovery periods to maintain freshness and avoid chronic fatigue from overtraining. 
    Monthly reviews to check progress against key limiters such as aerobic fitness. 
  • Access to the coach via email/WhatsApp/Zoom/FaceTime. 
  • Transition plan to build hill climbing as required.
  • Strava Group for online community support. 
  • Optional subscription to online yoga for cyclists to improve performance, flexibility and mobility.
  • Can be extended for additional months (see Raise Your Game Plan).